Week 9

We have been told that we can go out a bit more now and one of the things people are allowed to do is to play tennis. Today we have a tennis related picture for you to colour in. You can download it here:

from www.ichild.co.uk (used with permission)

Get your dancing shoes on! This is one of the songs we had in Kids’ Zoom last week. Let’s see who has the best moves. Make up your own dance or follow the actions on the video!

Let’s see if you can memorise this verse this week!!

How many words can you find hidden in this puzzle – this week they are all farm animals!

Make a paper cup dancing puppet like the one Ruth made for our story last week! We have instructions and some patterns for you to use to make either a person or a jumping frog:

Paper chain people prayers

Make paper chain people-(these can be pre-cut for little ones but older children will enjoy making their own).
You can join strips together with sticky tape if you want more people than you have in your paper chain.
Write the names of everyone in your family on the people, one name on each. You can include grannies and granddads aunties and uncles etc.
Older children can write a prayer for each person on the bodies. Younger children can write a simple prayer across the bodies e.g. Thank you God for all my family. Amen

Today is Sunday and we usually see you and your family at church. Why not spend some time with your family finding ways to worship God at home? Ideas:

  • Sing some songs that you remember from church
  • Tell your family about something you have learned in Kids’ Church
  • Pray for someone else from church and ask God to take care of them until you see them again
  • Perhaps you have some other ideas – put them in your journal so that you can tell us about them!!

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