Week 8

Today we have a picture for you to colour in. Can you see how it fits in with the story we had in our Zoom time?

We know how much you like to dance! Can you remember this song from last week’s Kids’ Zoom? Let’s see those dance moves, kids! Have fun!

Can you remember that we learned about the Holy Spirit in our Zoom time? This Bible verse helps us to understand a little about why the Holy Spirit is so important:

There isn’t much sport going on at the moment, no football on TV, the Olympics has been postponed. Oh dear! Can you design a T-shirt you would like to wear or one that you would like your sports team to wear?

from http://www.ichild.co.uk/ (used with permission)

Last week I made a paper chain and put it in my window to celebrate V E Day. I wondered what else we could make out of paper chains. So, who likes “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”? Let’s make a caterpillar out of a paper chain. You can download the instructions if you need them (there are some other ideas on the sheet too).

Prayer Aeroplanes

Get a large sheet of paper write the word GOD in big letters on it. Put it on the floor at the other side of the room.

Now get a smaller piece of paper and complete these sentences (or draw a picture for each one instead)
Thank you God for….
Lord I am sorry for…..
Lord please help….
Then make your paper into an aeroplane – I’m sure someone will help if you get stuck!

When we pray, our prayers go straight to God’s ears and he hears each one of them. Throw your paper aeroplane to land on God’s name, have a few goes if you need to. Your plane might miss the mark but our prayers won’t – they always reach God.

Today is Sunday and we usually see you and your family at church. Why not spend some time with your family finding ways to worship God at home? Ideas:

  • Sing some songs that you remember from church
  • Tell your family about something you have learned in Kids’ Church
  • Pray for someone else from church and ask God to take care of them until you see them again
  • Perhaps you have some other ideas – put them in your journal so that you can tell us about them!!

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