Week 4

Today we have a picture for you to colour in. In it you can see the whole of the Easter story. How much of it can you remember? Can you explain it to someone else?

You might think that Easter is over – but as you watch this, remember that God has promised that he will always be with us!

Remember that Jesus promised he would always be with us. You can find that in the Bible in Matthew Chapter 28 verse 20. See if you can memorise this and you can think about his promise whenever you are finding things difficult or scary:

Why not make up a story and design a comic to tell it? Don’t forget to let us see what you have made!! Have fun!

We know that sometimes the colours get mixed up and your playdough gets dried out. So why not make your own playdough? It’s easy to make it at home, but make sure you have permission from the grown ups who look after you … they might want to help and play too!

Look at this picture! If you turn the face one way it looks happy, but if you turn it around, it looks sad!

We can use this to help us to pray…

Look at the happy face first. What has made you happy this week? Say a thank you prayer to God for everything that has made you happy.

Turn the face upside down. Has anything sad or worrying happened this week? Perhaps there are people who are ill. Perhaps you are missing your friends. Talk to God about the things that make you feel sad or worried.

Now, finish your prayers by thanking God that he always knows how we feel, whether we are happy or sad. Thank him for being just as close to us in the good times as in the bad. Remember, this week we learned that God us always with us!

Here’s a happy/sad face you can download and colour in to help you when you pray this week.

Today is Sunday and we usually see you and your family at church. Why not spend some time with your family finding ways to worship God at home? Ideas:

  • Sing some songs that you remember from church
  • Tell your family about something you have learned in Kids’ Church
  • Pray for someone else from church and ask God to take care of them until you see them again
  • Perhaps you have some other ideas – put them in your journal so that you can tell us about them!!

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