Week 3

Yesterday was Palm Sunday! Can you remember the story? We learned about The Great Parade at our special Kids’ Zoom party! We also watched a video during last week’s activities. Here’s a word search puzzle and a colouring page all about Palm Sunday:

We sang this last week and a few weeks ago at church. Can you remember all the words? It’s quite hard to say some of the place names so fast, but it’s a great song. See you you can make up some actions you can show us next time we sing it at church!

Easter Sunday is such a special day. See if you can learn this verse from the Bible which will help you to remember why it’s so special:

Why should Christmas have all the fun? Have you ever had an Easter Tree? I have! Here are some photos of two of my trees. Why not see if you can have an Easter Tree too? You can make all kinds of colourful decorations for it!

Another thing you can do to celebrate Easter is to make an Easter garden! Make sure you include Jesus’ empty tomb, because he rose to life again on Easter day! Here’s a picture to give you an idea:

If you need some help, you can take a look at this website. It will tell you what you need to make your Easter garden. Don’t forget to take a photo or show us your garden at online church on Sunday!

Use these emojis to help you remember the Easter story!

Today is Sunday and we usually see you and your family at church. Why not spend some time with your family finding ways to worship God at home? Ideas:

  • Sing some songs that you remember from church
  • Tell your family about something you have learned in Kids’ Church
  • Pray for someone else from church and ask God to take care of them until you see them again
  • Perhaps you have some other ideas – put them in your journal so that you can tell us about them!!

Parents: Here is a small booklet with some devotionals you can enjoy with your children:

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