Week 2

Did Everyone remember to change their clocks? That means it’s Spring! Yippee!
So, today we have a spring colour and count picture for you! Count the things in the picture and then colour it in. Have fun!

From www.ichild.co.uk (used with permission)

Even though you can’t get out and about as much as usual, there are still lots of things you can do at home. How about a virtual visit to a zoo? Lots of zoos all over the world have virtual tours on their websites, and most of them have webcams so you can see what the animals are up to. Why not visit some of them with your family? Let us know which ones you visited – and which animals you like best (I like elephants and giraffes!)
Here’s the link: https://www.brisbanekids.com.au/world-zoos-that-offer-virtual-tours/

Remember, God made everything and he knows all about everything that is happening today, so we can be happy and praise him because he is so wonderful. Try to memorise this verse from the Bible to help you remember this:

I’m still thinking about Spring, but as I’m getting this page ready for you the weather is still not very much like spring! Today’s activity is to make a weather display, you can change it everyday to match the weather outside. Today has been sunny sometimes and raining sometimes, so you might have to change it more than once! Here are the things you need for this:

From https://www.twinkl.com/ (used with permission)

Today – use your imagination! Make a card or write a letter to send to someone so you can let them know you’re thinking about them. This is especially important at the moment because some people live by themselves and might be feeling lonely while we all have to stay at home more than usual. Why not post it when you go for a walk as part of your daily exercise?

Tomorrow is a day we call Palm Sunday. It’s almost Easter, and Jesus is on his way to the city. Find out how he got there in this video. Why not talk to your parents about Easter?

Today is Sunday and we usually see you and your family at church. Why not spend some time with your family finding ways to worship God at home? Ideas:

  • Sing some songs that you remember from church
  • Tell your family about something you have learned in Kids’ Church
  • Pray for someone else from church and ask God to take care of them until you see them again
  • Perhaps you have some other ideas – put them in your journal so that you can tell us about them!!