Hello everyone!

It’s disappointing that we can’t have our LIGHT PARTY on 31 October this year ….it’s one of the things we look forward to most each year. But we don’t want you to miss out so we thought we’d share this link so that you and your family can have fun online instead!

We’ll be watching! 6.00pm on Saturday 31 October! Let us know if you’re going to watch and afterwards tell us what you enjoyed the most!


Remember God loves you!


Who has the Bible App on their phone? Did you know that there is a Bible App for KIds? You can get it here:

Don’t forget that there are lots of games you can play online on the CBBC website:

Activities we posted during lockdown (in case you’re looking for something to do!)

These were the last week’s activities – Click here!

Week 16 – Click here!

Week 15 – Click here!

Week 14 – Click here!

Week 13 – Click here!

Week 12 – Click here!

Week 11 – Click here!

Week 10 – Click here!

Week 9 – Click here!

Week 8 – Click here!

Week 7 – Click here!

Week 6 – Click here!

Week 5 – Click here!

Week 4 – Click here!

Week 3 – Click here!

Week 2 – Click here!

Week 1 – Click here!

  • Andrew

    Hi I’m Alexandra and my son is called Andrew. We have heard about the lovely activity packs been sent out in the post for children at this very strange moment in time. If possible could Andrew please have an activity pack we would really appreciate it.

    Thank you all. 😊

    1. ruthbowler

      I have sent you an email and passed this message on to our Kids Church team.

    2. Alexandra

      Hi Lucy 😊 its Andrews mam. I would just like to say thank you so much for continuing Andrew’s wonderful activity packs. You always bring a smile to his face during this hard time. Thank you so much i really appreciate it

      Hope your well take care 😊

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