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Plan your visit

View of Church from South RoadIf you are planning to visit us, Sunday morning is a great time to meet everyone. We have our Family Sunday Service at 10.30 am. Come early, chat with people in our foyer Cafe Connect (have a cup of tea or coffee if you have time) and then join us for our service.

You might find that some things are a bit different to what you are expecting:

One of our pastors will also teach us from the Bible and help us to understand how it is still relevant for us today. During this time the children will usually leave the main service and enjoy a time together which is more relevant to them.

If you visit us on a week when we have communion (the first Sunday in the month), please feel free to join in with this; just remain seated and you will be served where you are. If you would rather not take communion, please let the servers know and they will simply pass you by. We want you to feel comfortable and free to decide for yourself which you prefer.

If you feel that you would like someone to pray with you for any reason, there will be an opportunity for this at the end of the service. 

At the end of the service we will enjoy some time together over a cup of tea or coffee ... and cake! Please don't hurry away!

View of church  from Swalwell CloseConferences and Special Events
If you are visiting as part of one of our mini-conferences or a special meeting, you should receive information about the conference on registration. Further information will be sent nearer the date of the event. However, if you have any questions, please contact us

Other times to visit
As we said, Sunday is a good time to visit us. but we do have other activities during the week, such as a weekly Lunch and Friendship Group, or a CAP Lounge for those looking for employment or other assistance. You will find more onformation about what we do on other parts of our website....

How to find us