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Thank you to all who joined us for our "Hidden Treasures" Conference.

Our speaker, Colin Symes, has allowed us to share his PowerPoint slides and his speaking notes.  We also recorded all four sessions (three from Saturday and one from Sunday morning), so that we can all listen again to fully appreciate all that we have been taught this weekend:

Saturday 2 February 2019

Sunday 3 February 2019

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"The Day of His Power"

Did you miss our conference? Or do you want to listen again to the word Emma brought to us? 

Click on these links:

Session 1

Session 2


Download this file to read the prophetic words given at the conference:

Prophecy for Tyne Valley 3 October 2018
Emma Stark (Glasgow Prophetic Centre) at The Gate Church, Prudhoe

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You can also listen to this here
Prophecy for Tyne Valley - MP3


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Tyne Valley Unite! In His Presence 26 January 2019
This is a prayer meeting during which we prayed into the prophetic words which we have made available above. Please note: this is a time of prayer specifically for the Tyne Valley - there is no teaching/preaching.





Mark "Mark" Reading Plan

January 2018

Do yourself a favour and read Mark 1 for 40 days in the new year.

  • Think
  • Meditate
  • Sing
  • Draw
  • Dance
  • Talk about the things that Jesus did and said
  • Make notes
  • Create a poem

New Life, New ways, New Miracles!!!

Part 1 - 1st to 10th January

Part 2 - 11th to 20th January

Part 3 - 21st to 31st January


A Summary of Mark's Gospel

We found this video which is a great summary of Mark's gospel, so we thought we'd share it here.

By The Bible Project (used with permission)



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